Household Lighting Products

Our primary sales channel for Grimaldi and Mansa Lighting Household Lighting Products is Amazon using Fullfillment By Amazon (FBA). Our product is housed in Amazon warehouses across the country and are available with free shipping to Amazon Prime Customers.

We specialize in the hard to find LED lighting products that you can't find in most stores. So many of our product lines started with friends, families and customers simply asking the question .... "Is there an LED solution for XXXX?" If you have a specific LED product that you can't find let us know and we'll investigate and send you a sample to test! Please send us e-mail at

Visit Amazon to see all our Grimaldi and Mansa Lighting Household Products.

Our adapter selection has evolved to meet our customer's needs. Several fixture vendors have attempted to lock in customers into a specific line of bulbs by deviating from the standard E26 base. Our adapters expand your LED possibilities.

Do you have an adapter need that you don't see in our catalog? Contact Us and we'll find what you need!

Our A15 LED Series is very popular. Measurement units for light bulbs are schizophrenicly inconsistent. The 15 describes the bulb diameter in terms of 1/8th inches so this series has a diameter of 1.875 inches which is quite small compared to the standard A19 bulb that has been government mandated to go all LED. At Home Depot or Lowes you will find a great selection of A19 bulbs, but for the non-mandated sizes the selection is still quite limited.

Our Filament Series is a new series of bulbs that uses a flexible COB filament that is designed to look remarkably like a standard incandescent bulb.

Our Speciality Bulbs are application bulbs for use in freezers, refrigerators and garage door openers.