Commercial Lighting Solutions

While much of the attention in the media has been on LED lighting products in the household market, for commercial applications the cost savings and benefits are far more substantial by going an all LED solution. Many commercial applications have already gone to more efficient fluorescent lighting over the years to reduce operational costs. Converting to LED lighting will still give a healthy cost savings on energy use given the quantity of lighting needed commercially. Just as important LED lighting offers reduced maintenance costs while eliminating the annoying behaviors of fluorescent lighting as the bulbs and fixtures age. In addition, environmental concerns about mercury disposal in fluorescent lighting are eliminated.

Given the significant differences between the household and commercial market, a separate business unit, Grimaldi & Gizewski, LLC handles commercial solutions using the Mansa Brand developed by Mansa Electrical, LLC. Dale Gizewski heads this business unit. Mr. Gizewski has many years of experience in commercial construction and understands the unique demands and challenges of commercial applications.

Mansa Lighting offers the following product lines for commercial applications.

Fluorescent Tube Replacement

Unlike the Edison Form factor the fluorescent tube form factor does not present the same heat dissipation challenges. The savings offered by fluorescent tube replacement start with lower operating costs, which are typically 40 to 50 percent depending on your initial lighting investment. Just as importantly, the first thing done in fluorescent tube replacement is the total elimination of the ballast from the fixture. This eliminates maintenance issues and the annoyance of diminished ballast performance as they age and during non-optimal conditions such as extreme heat or cold. Our Mansa Lighting Tube replacements are always instant on and will remain that way their entire lifetime. Finally our customers notice an immediate increase in light quality once converting to LED tubes.

Given the prevalence of fluorescent tube usage in commercial buildings conversion to LED tubes represents the biggest opportunity for the quickest return on investment for LED conversion.

Example Fluorescent Applications

Fluorescent PL Style Bulb Replacement

Another popular variant of fluorescent bulbs used commonly in commercial buildings are PL Style bulbs. Often these are deployed in canisters as recessed lighting. Once you start looking for these fixtures you realize they are everywhere in commercial applications and can be the second biggest return on investment next to tube replacements.

While a variety of LED bulb solutions exist that work similar to tube replacement in that they require removing the ballast, we recommend replacing the fixture with a flat panel all in one LED unit. The compact form factor of a PL bulb has the same heat dissipation problems that Edison Bulb retrofits have.

For these types of applications Mansa Lighting offers standard and custom size, ultra-thin fixtures that isolate the lighting elements from the heat generating LED driver. This guarantees that you get the full lifetime of your investment. Likewise, in down light applications the directional nature of LED lighting becomes an asset. With traditional lighting a good portion of the light is directed upwards and is wasted. This means you can use lower wattages and save on operating costs while eliminating ballast maintenance as well.

If you do decide to do retro-fit your existing PL fixtures by removing the ballast use one of our adapters so that your choice of LED bulbs is not restricted to the G24 and G23 bases.

Fluorescent Panels for Drop Ceilings

Another common staple in commercial lighting are 2ft by 2ft and 4ft by 2ft Fluorescent Panels for Drop Ceilings. Retrofit Tube replacements are available for these fixtures as well, but we recommend replacing these panels with Ultra-Slim Integrated Fixtures. There isn't much cost saving in replacing just the tubes and the Ultra-Slim form factor of our panels provide easier access to HVAC components and electrical conduits above the Drop Ceiling.

Hotel Lighting

Hotel Lighting is the fusion of household lighting for rooms and commercial lighting in common areas. Common areas should be tackled first as they will have less architectural decor elements and you will likely be able to replace with more reliable integrated fixtures. Common area conversion will give the quickest ROI. Rooms will have more architectural decor elements and will have applications more suitable for retrofitted LED bulbs.

Street Lighting

If you manage your own street lighting going LED can significantly reduce your operational and maintenance costs. E39/E40/Mogul Retrofit LED Bulbs are readily on the market that utilitize 10-20% of the wattage of incandescent street lights. Moreover, the Color Rendering Index (CRI) of LED Street Lights are much higher so the light quality is much higher.

However, unless your street lighting has an architectural decor element the better option again is to go with an integrated LED unit to separate the heat elements of an LED system. An integrated LED unit with separated heat elements will more likely deliver on the promised 50,000 hours of service than a Retrofit Bulb.

Another new excitng item on the market are solar-hybrid street lights in single integrated units. These systems use a solar cell on top of the fixture, along with a powerful lithium ion battery. When the charge goes below a certain level the unit starts pulling current. Thus you are guaranteed lighting and during ideal conditions your street lighting has 0 operational costs. The initial investment in these systems are much higher, but depending on your application and current electricity bills you can readily calculate your ROI from such an investment.

Outdoor Lighting

For utilitarian outdoor lighting there are many options available depending on your needs. Your best investment for outdoor lighting is also a integrated fixture instead of Retro-Fit Bulbs. Many options exist such as motion sensors and lower power utilization for off-peak hours.

Warehouse Lighting

Many options for Warehouse Lighting are available that offer decreased operational costs, less maintenance and without generating excess heat. In addition, LED lighting offers higher quality light options for warehouse applications.

High Bay warehouse light options can be selected according to your exact specifications. We recommend complete fixture replacement using COB based LED for the highest lumen to watt ratio.

Architectural Decor Lighting

Architectural Decor Lighting in commercial spaces represent the greatest challenge for LED lighting solutions. Fixture replacement is often not an option since the existing fixtures fit into an overall architectural plan.

Mansa Lighting focuses on speciality light bulbs and we can leverage that strength by picking the best replacement speciality bulbs by application. In some cases that may mean a special purpose bulb for wall sconces or converting a 120V fixture into a 12V DC fixture to isolate heat elements to achieve full bulb lifetime. In an LED conversion project for commercial spaces we recommend on doing Architectural Decor lighting last. Your biggest cost savings will be realized in your functional lighting that uses standardize components were volume discounts are helpful.

Whatever your commercial lighting needs Grimaldi and Gizewski, LLC can help you design the best solution after understanding your budget and objectives. Contact Mr. Gizewski for a free initial evaluation.