Capsule Series

Our Capsule Series are silicon enclosed speciality bulbs that have a variety of applications.

The E12 and E17 based bulbs can be used in freezers and refrigerators. These unique bulbs are not rigid like standard bulbs. Screwing in the bulb from the tip bends from the base and can cause damage. When screwing in the bulb grip the bulb as close to base as you can to avoid damage.

The R7S silicon bulbs are big improvement on the first generation R7S LED replacements which had the unfortunate problem of not being able to fit in most R7S fixtures. The silicon replacements fit much better.

The G9 base is a bi-pin base used in speciality fixtures and snaps into place. Bi-pin bases were initially developed by Westinghouse to not infringe on the intellectual property of the patented Edison screw base back in the 1890s. Even in 2016 the ghost of Edison and Westinghouse are haunting the LED lighting world.